Dear all,
Since the genesis of Regional Agro Industrial development Co-operative of Kerala Limited (RAIDCO) some 44 years ago, our endeavour has been to aggressively embrace innovative technologies for harnessing the potential of renewable solar energy gainfully. As the first of its kind Co-operative in Kerala, we have been instrumental in distributing pump sets, power tillers, sprayers and other improved agricultural implements to farmers to augment the productivity of their farms. We have entered into strategic alliances with reputed agricultural products manufacturers to transform the face of the rural India. The breadth of our operations includes eight Northern Revenue Districts ranging from Kasargod to Ernakulam. Raidco Renewables stresses on optimal use of Green Energy to combat the collective menace of resource scarcity and adverse climatic impact. With our economic array of products, we assist people to embrace more sustainable and greener life styles. Our energy efficient solutions address the entire gamut of segments from agriculture and housing to transportation and manufacturing. Our super structural grid connected solar roof top system and solar pumps utilizes contemporary technologies to offer energy driven services at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional energy modes. We will consistently strive to offer you advanced technology driven services for optimal efficiency and productivity.
Thank You.