The Regional Agro Industrial Development Co-operative of Kerala Limited, ("A division of RAIDCO KERALA LTD) has been functioning for more than 4 decades. RAIDCO Kerala Ltd. Has diverse activities such as

  1. Trading wing with 37 branches dealing with pump sets, agricultural tools and implements, manufactured by RAIDCO, besides other branded products catering to farmers and agricultural sector.
  2. Pump set, agriculture tools and implements manufacturing unit based at Kanjikode, Palakkad
  3. Curry powder manufacturing facility at Kannur
  4. Fruit processing and canning industry at Mattannur, Kannur

The 37 branches of RAIDCO have full-fledged sales and marketing activity.
RAIDCO decided to venture into renewable energy in the year 2016, after studying the scope of renewable energy market and its potential. RADICO has within itself a well-experienced technology partner which strengthens its base in renewable energy sector.
With its spread of 37 branches, marketing ability and the technical expertise, RAIDCO today is a frontline organisation in the state of Kerala for renewable energy.

Gain energy independence

We strive to make renewable energy reachable for the larger public through technological, financial and business model innovations.

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